Meet Nicole Ramirez Thomas

Nicole Ramirez Thomas

Nicole Ramirez Thomas is an archaeologist and historic preservation specialist with 20 years of experience in cultural resources management and academic research.  She grew up in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico, and was captivated by the history of the city at a young age. Her interest in people and history led her to study Anthropology for both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. She has had the opportunity to work around the United States and in Mexico and Costa Rica as a cultural resource professional.

As the founder and principal of Wonderstone LLC, she has been able to offer consulting services for historic preservation projects including planning and project management, archaeological and environmental compliance services, land use entitlements, and public outreach. Development and preservation are often set at odds, however, Nicole recognizes that both are necessary for quality of life, economic benefit and community resilience. Her interest in policy and legislation come from the knowledge that both preserving and allowing healthy change are important aspects of a community.

Nicole Family

When she is not hard at work, you’ll find Nicole spending time with her husband, Zach, and her cat, Clovis. This fall Lovisa, a Swedish foreign exchange student with the Rotary Youth Exchange program, has been a wonderful addition to the family. Enjoying time with friends is also essential to Nicole. Swimming, kayaking, biking, hiking and landscape photography top the list of things she does with her leisure time — making the most of every adventure offered by the great outdoors. In March, Nicole joined the Board of Directors for Valhalla Tahoe and is enjoying working with others to keep a South Lake Tahoe treasure alive.

Nicole possesses an endless interest in history, reading and travel. This personal passion for learning more and living life to the fullest seamlessly transitions into her professional life as Nicole actively seeks opportunities to engage in community, participate in meaningful conversation, form authentic relationships, and ultimately create a stronger foundation upon which South Lake Tahoe can stand.

Lake Tahoe Pine Cone

Nicole is a person of integrity and determination.