A Future Worth Looking Forward To

Nicole Ramirez Thomas doesn’t believe in change simply for the sake of change. She is only interested in change for the better. Dedicated to building relationships and trust, Nicole is capable of proving what we accomplish, we accomplish together.

Quality of Life

Focusing on achievable changes that make a big impact.


Building upon the objectives outlined in the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan.


Improving the factors that make South Lake Tahoe a desirable place to live, from economic stability to affordability and leisure.


Enabling a sense of connectedness, safety and inclusiveness.

Environmental Consciousness

Implementing policies that are both attainable and sustainable to address protection of the environment through stewardship policies.


Strengthening relationships with locals as well as stakeholders in the basin.

Each of these components are meant to work together cohesively to have a greater impact on the overall well-being of South Lake Tahoe residents. Always looking for ways to improve, Nicole seeks opportunities to act on untapped potential.

Check out Nicole’s op-ed piece, “Focus on Quality of Life Brings Positive Change”, written for the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

Nicole is dedicated to building relationships and trust.