Nicole Ramirez Thomas
Nicole Ramirez Thomas for City Council

Bringing People And Policies Together

Nicole Ramirez Thomas recognizes that local government decisions have the greatest impact on our daily lives. Her relationship-building skills and knowledge of legislation will be put to good use as she works to ensure the economic and overall well-being for every South Lake Tahoe resident.

With an unwavering optimism and commitment to fostering community resilience, Nicole’s vision for South Lake Tahoe involves implementing healthy changes that build upon this amazing city’s current identity. 

Removing ego from the equation, the best interest of the people will always remain a top priority. Nicole is a person of integrity and determination. Having an extensive amount of experience with policy, Nicole knows how to get things done in a government setting — particularly at the local level. Her innate ability to bring people together will lead to reasonable solutions that allow South Lake Tahoe to reach its full potential. 

Together we can do more.